Stepping out the door and into
the city in a New York Minute.
Waking up to the golden reflections of the
New York skyline on the Hudson River.
Spectacular views of the New York Skyline.
True Luxury may just lie on the other side of the Hudson.
Our Story
Hudson Luxury Living invites you to redefine luxury from our point of view.

Meet The Team

hll teamWelcome to Hudson Luxury Living. 
With over 28 combined years of residential real estate and new development experience between us we have developed a unique marketing strategy to benefit sellers and buyers on both sides of the hudson.

We are able to leverage from our wide client database and help sellers in both markets benefit from buyers in Manhattan as well as Jersey City and Hoboken.

The markets are very connected and as Manhattan luxury overflows onto the other side of the Hudson, we are here to show you views from both sides.

So let's get started and show you some of the buildings and surrounding neighborhoods that we can recommend for you. Head over to featured buildings to view buildings that we recommend for you.